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Philadelphia Plastic Surgery Reviews – Dr. Scott Chapin

Dr. Chapin performed my rhinoplasty, and the results were better than I could have hoped! He really is an artist. He didn’t give me a teeny tiny nose. He refined it and really gave it a great shape that fits my face. Nobody even knows I had a nosejob… but the difference is definitely there, and I have more confidence than ever now. It’s amazing to not even think about my nose anymore. No more avoiding getting my picture taken, etc.

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Chrissy from Fairless Hills writes…

Dear Dr. Chapin:

I don’t even really know how to thank someone that has done so much for me. I wish that I could find the words to express how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I know that you really put everything you had into helping me, and I know it was tough, but it was worth it. Thank you for being the kind of doctor that you are: honest and caring. I know how hard you worked to help me not even this time around, but 6 years ago as well. You didn’t just perform surgery on me, you gave me a lot more than that; you gave me self-esteem and a sense of femininity that I would have never had if I didn’t find a great doctor like you. Thank you so much!

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Liz from Doylestown writes…

Dear Dr. Chapin and the entire staff:

My apologies for not having written this letter sooner. I would like to take this opportunity for the wonderful transformation you have helped me achieve. One year ago, I would never have expected such remarkable results.

After having a breast lift, augmentation, and a whole body lift following a weight loss of 112 lbs. two years prior, I am happy to say that I have my “old self” back again. The entire process was incredibly stress-free, thanks to the professionalism of the entire office staff. The procedures were followed by minimal discomfort and a relatively quick recovery of two to three weeks. Scarring is also minimal and easy to conceal even while wearing a bikini bathing suit, something I thought I would never do again especially after reaching my 50th birthday!

I would not hesitate to recommend any of these procedures to anyone having considered such improvements. I know feel more comfortable with my appearance than I have felt in a long time. Because of that, I am a more confident person in other aspects in my life.

Thank you ALL for helping me realize these goals!

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Christine from Lansdale writes…

I had tried many different creams and make-up to improve my appearance to no avail. Thanks to Dr. Chapin and the result of my upper and lower eye surgery, I was able to achieve the natural younger look I had hoped for. I cannot thank him enough because I no longer see an aging person when I look in the mirror. I am surprised to see the way I look in photographs and can hardly believe the changes I see.

I was concerned about my appearance as I was recovering, but at Chapin Aesthetics, I was able to consult with an onsite hairstylist and master colorist. I had the same hairstyle for many years and was afraid of making changes.

My stylist helped me select a much more flattering hair color and style. It was so convenient having the salon available right at the office. My new style hid areas that were healing. People that I had worked with for years were unaware that I had had cosmetic surgery. They attributed my improved appearance to my new hairstyle and I received many compliments.

Being so pleased with the outcome of my surgery and hairstyle, I recently took advantage of consulting with the skin care specialist at Chapin Aesthetics to help me improve the overall condition of my skin. I can’t wait to see the results!

I would highly recommend Chapin Aesthetics and all of the convenient services they have available for anyone wanting to make a dramatic and positive improvement in their appearance.

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Marilyn from Center Valley writes…

Dear Dr. Chapin:

Thank you for the beautiful results from my tummy tuck procedure. You and your staff—especially Dori, Maria, and Tricia—have been wonderful. Your sensitivity to my questions and concerns, as well as straight-forward answers, were very much appreciated.

I spent a fair amount of time reading about abdominoplasty, had gone to other consultations, and talked with several people who had already had the procedure. I was still very apprehensive about the whole thing and second-guessed myself endlessly. Still, I very much wanted to go to the beach with my kids and be out with my husband and not think about that unsightly, overhanging tummy that was resistant to diet and exercise.

In the end, I am glad to have had the surgery; I no longer have any concerns about that part of my appearance and can wear anything. My discomfort was much less than anticipated (easier than the c-sections) and my recovery was much quicker than I had planned. It seems all the right decisions were made, most notably choosing you for my surgeon.

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Joan from Quakertown writes…

Dear Dr. Chapin:

There are several things that I’d like to thank you for: first for taking the time to travel to a hospital that you do not routinely practice out of, second for your kindness and compassion, and lastly for doing such an outstanding job as a surgeon.

Once I accepted that I needed to have a hysterectomy, I saw an opportunity to combine the hysterectomy with an abdominoplasty. I hoped to correct some of the changes in my abdomen that occurred from pregnancy.

The results far surpassed my expectations. It has motivated me to be more aggressive in continuing to improve my well being with a healthier diet and exercise.

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Dana from Perkasie writes…

Dear Dr. Chapin:

Thank you so much for the “new and improved” me. Your work is as good as I had heard and can’t believe the great results you achieved for me. I am two weeks out from my abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction, and I feel and look great. I know I am going to walk with a little more “spring” in my step from now on.

Your office staff, including Dori and Maria, are true assets to your practice. Dori did a wonderful job of explaining the process and answering all of my “many” questions. (Thanks Dori.) Maria is terrific and a very professional nurse and made me feel extremely comfortable from start to finish. (Thanks Maria.)

Dr. Chapin, you are truly skilled at what you do and I am so glad to have found someone with your talent. I plan on using you for any future body sculpting and will highly recommend you to my family and friends. I took many before and after pictures for comparison and I am just amazed at the difference. The results say it all and my overall experience was excellent!

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R.K. from Sellersville writes…

My experience with Dr. Chapin and his staff was very positive from my very first appointment for a consultation all the way through two reconstructive surgeries. I had complete confidence that the procedures would have a positive outcome, and they did. I am very happy with my results and would have no hesitation recommending their services.

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