Image of Model putting ears in their place: otoplasty surgery

Chapin Aesthetics – Otoplasty (Ear Pinning Surgery)

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Large ears, or ears that protrude noticeably, can be a source of self-consciousness for children, young adults, and grown-ups as well. Children may be subject to teasing and ridicule, and adults may feel uncomfortable wearing their hair in certain styles. If you wish that your (or your children’s) ears were less obtrusive, otoplasty surgery can help you achieve your goals. This page explains the otoplasty procedure.

Dr. Scott Chapin is a highly skilled Doylestown, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia otoplasty (ear-contouring) surgeon who offers his patients unsurpassed care at his plastic surgery Bucks County area offices. Otoplasty is the technical name of the type of surgery that Dr. Chapin uses to reduce the size of larger ears and/or to set protruding ears back closer to the head. There are a number of variations on the procedure, depending upon the shape of your ears and how you would like them to look. Otoplasty can also correct stretched-out or creased earlobes.

Most often, otoplasty is performed on children between four and fourteen years old, as the ears are finished developing by age four. The earlier a child undergoes the procedure, the less teasing and self-consciousness he or she will have to endure.

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