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Philadelphia laser hair removal provides a permanent reduction in hair. Chapin Aesthetics is excited to provide treatment with the industry’s top intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser platform: the Palomar Starlux pulsed light system.

With the Starlux system, you will notice stunted hair growth within a few treatments. Any hair that does re-appear will be finer and less dense. Typically, five to seven treatments are enough to remove your unwanted hair. Occasionally, touch-up sessions are required annually or biannually. This procedure is less painful than waxing and provides long-term results.

Dr. Scott Chapin and his staff at Chapin Aesthetics offer the newest technology for their Doylestown, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia laser hair removal patients. His plastic surgery Bucks County offices are state-of-the-art.

The laser emits light energy that passes through the skin and down the hair shaft and is absorbed by the pigment of the hair in the active growth phase. The laser energy damages the hair follicle, destroying its ability to grow more hair. The hairs in those follicles eventually fall out and the area becomes smoother.

What Happens During a Laser Hair Removal Treatment Session?

Prior to your appointment, you may be asked to shave or trim the treatment area. The Starlux laser system has advanced contact cooling technology, which keeps the epidermal temperature lower to reduce discomfort during treatment and minimize the risk of skin damage. Numbing cream may be applied before treatment to prevent any discomfort.

As the handpiece is passed over the treatment area, it emits smooth pulses of light energy that destroy the hair follicles.

The length of the treatment session depends on the size of the treated area; for example, treating the underarm area takes less time than treating the legs.

How Many Treatments Will I Need to Achieve My Desired Results?

The laser energy is only attracted to hair follicles that are in the active growth cycle and have more pigment; it does not destroy hair follicles that are in the catagen or telogen (non-active) growth stages. Since hair grows in different cycles, you will need several treatment sessions in order to target all of the hair in the treatment area. The treatment sessions should be spaced out by five to six weeks.

What is the Recovery Period for Laser Hair Removal Like?

Laser hair removal does not require significant recovery. You will be able to return to your normal activities soon after your treatment session. Minor redness and/or swelling are normal and will last temporarily. You should avoid the sun for about a week after treatment (or protect the treated area with sunscreen), and avoid any harsh topical products, such as astringents, that could irritate your skin.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

  • Upper Lip or Chin: $125; three treatments for $350; five treatments for $525; or eight treatments for $800
  • Upper Lip and Chin Combination: $175; three for $475; five for $700; or eight for $850
  • Bikini Line: $175; three for $475; five for $700; or eight for $850
  • Back: $600 or three for $1,500

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