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Dr. Chapin offers two types of treatment for spider veins: laser vein removal and sclerotherapy. While sclerotherapy does not produce immediate results, it is a safe and effective option that has greatly improved the appearance of unsightly veins for many of our patients. If you are interested in learning more about sclerotherapy in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas (including Doylestown, Bucks County and Montgomery County), please contact Chapin Aesthetics to schedule an informational consultation.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a “sclerosing” solution into the veins, which irritates them and causes them to collapse. The collapsed veins are then absorbed by the body and gradually fade from view.

What Happens During Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Chapin’s office and takes less than an hour. The procedure does not require anesthesia, and should not be painful, but if you feel discomfort during treatment, let Dr. Chapin know.

Dr. Chapin will use a small, fine needle to inject the sclerosing solution into the spider vein. The solution irritates the lining of the vein and causes it to swell shut. The vein eventually turns into scar tissue and fades from sight. The number of injections depends on the size and number of your veins.
Dr. Chapin may apply a compression garment or compression tape to the injection site right after treatment to encourage proper healing.

What Is Recovery from Sclerotherapy Like?

Sclerotherapy recovery is very brief; you will be able to return to your normal routine almost immediately while avoiding strenuous activities for a few days. Mild bruising in the treated area after sclerotherapy is common but temporary. You should be careful to protect the treated area from sun exposure for approximately two weeks after your procedure.

How Much Does Sclerotherapy Cost?

Please contact our office for pricing information. You can call us at 267-880-0810.

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