before and after breast augmentation front and left angle view Philadelphia, PA


So many women have considered, or are considering breast augmentation in the U.S. In fact, American Society of Plastic Surgery recently announced that breast augmentation the most popular procedure in the U.S. for a second year in a row, up 4% in the past year. Some of the questions or concerns many women also face include fears of unnatural looking results, or loss of sensation in their breasts.

Due to recent developments, a new, minimally invasive breakthrough in breast augmentation called BRAVA + AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer), developed by Dr. Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS is now available. Using BRAVA +AFT, breast reconstruction at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics is possible using your own fat. This technique produces a natural feel, and near normal sensation in your breasts and new nipples. No other technique can offer those results. Not only does this method not require major surgery, but also offers the side benefit of the body sculpting that results from the fat transfer from another area of the body to the breasts.

The ASPS data shows that this innovative method is quickly is becoming the preferred option, revealing breast augmentation using fat transfer increased 72 percent in 2016.

Fat transfer breast augmentation and post-mastectomy & lumpectomy breast reconstruction technique is a major progression from the traditional breast reconstruction procedures of the past, all of which required major surgery.

For those at risk for hereditary breast cancer and have made a decision to have a prophylactic mastectomy plus reconstruction, this breast reconstruction procedure is the least invasive option and produces the most natural results.

For those in need of natural breast augmentation, breast lift, implant removal or exchange, or need to correct a breast deformity, BRAVA + AFT is a new option that will not only result in natural and attractive looking breasts, but does not require major surgery.

Chapin Aesthetics is committed to providing our patients cutting edge technology and the most innovative procedures. To find out more about Breast Augmentation using Fat Transfer, contact our office to schedule your consult with Dr. Chapin today.