When it comes to medical treatments to help improve the overall appearance of your face, fillers and injectables are very popular. These treatments are much less invasive than some other procedures, and they require less downtime and provide faster results than surgical options.

The term dermal filler in the plastic surgery industry refers to any product that is used to fill in areas in the skin that have experienced volume loss, most often due to age. This is usually done on the face, and popular areas for fillers include the lips and cheekbones as well as laugh lines and under-eye areas, which can be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Fillers are used to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, restore natural fullness to the skin, and help contour areas such as the cheekbones.

Depending on the choice of fillers, procedure, and your desired results, your doctor may suggest either a cannula or a needle injection. Learn more about why cannulas may be a better option for some skin care treatments and what you should know before your treatment, including Juvederm, at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics.

Microcannulas — the type used in plastic surgery procedures — are essentially blunt-tip needles that allow the doctor to get the filler deeper in the skin all the way under the muscle. This ensures that the substance gets as close as possible to the bone, which can provide more natural-looking results. It also makes it easier to place the filler precisely for a better overall aesthetic.
While it may seem like a blunter tip would mean more post-procedure bruising and swelling, it’s actually the opposite. Because the microcannula is flexible, it means the surgeon only needs one entry point — instead of the many required with needles — to distribute the filler into multiple areas. It also significantly decreases the risk of injecting any of the filler material into the arteries (one of the most serious complications). All of this adds up to decreased bruising and swelling and less pain over traditional needle injections — all while providing the same desirable results.

While cannulas have been in use in plastic surgery practices in Europe for many years, they are just getting approval and popularity in the United States, which can make it more challenging to find a doctor who provides this type of filler injection. There are also some procedures and techniques where a needle injection may be preferable. One example of this is with lip injections. Using needles here may help achieve a more natural, plumped result than a cannula can via one entry point.

Any time you are considering a cosmetic procedure or treatment, it’s important to look for a provider who is board certified and has the experience and skills to help you achieve the look you want. At your consultation, your provider will examine your face, talk to you about your goals, and explain why needle or cannula injections may be the better route.

If you’re hoping to tighten your skin and contour your face to achieve a more youthful look, Chapin Aesthetics can help. Contact us today to find out more about injection treatments and facial fillers that can help you achieve your desired appearance and feel more confident.