When it comes to breast augmentation, size is essential. In the same way that you don’t want an ill-fitting bra, the wrong size implant (hint: too big), can cause discomfort and other more serious problems.

If you want bigger breasts, but don’t necessarily want to tell the world that you are cosmetically enhanced, there are three essential things you must know before you set your breast augmentation surgery.

1. When it comes to breast implants, bigger isn’t better.

In truth, many doctors can give you implants. However, good doctors should be able to help you determine how big you could and should go. Throughout the years, what’s trending has shifted from oversized breasts to more proportioned sizes.

Oversized implants can lead to certain inconveniences along the way. One of the most common being spilling. This happens when the size of the implants is too much for your breast width to handle. This is the reason why some breasts either spill too much into the armpit area, or the middle of your chest, creating a uni-boob.

2. Choose your implants wisely

Saline implants can look natural if you have ample breast tissue. These implants are similar to water balloons and, sometimes, might lead to rippling sensations under your skin. Meanwhile, silicone cohesive gel implants, commonly referred to as Gummy Bear implants, are more jelly-like and can be more comfortable overall. Many upgrades on silicone implants offer more variety on how you would like your breasts to look and feel.

Implant type, shape, and size should be determined by your specific aesthetic goals and your anatomy. It is critical to thoroughly communicate your desired look to your surgeon so they can assist you in making these important decisions in your breast augmentation journey.

3. Learn about implant pockets

Your surgeon should review your options regarding the position of your breast implants. Many surgeons believe that placing the implants behind the muscle can help you achieve more natural-looking breasts. This is because the muscle tends to mask the implant and provide a smoother appearance to the upper pole of the breast. Placing the implant in front of the muscle can increase volume to the area of the breast behind the nipple. However, this placement of the implant makes it easier to see and feel because of the lack of muscle covering it in the upper pole of the breast.

A third option is a dual plane procedure. This technique involves the implant being placed beneath the pectoralis major muscle superiorly, but lies directly under the breast tissue inferiorly. Although this option offers several advantages, many surgeons don’t perform this specialized technique. Dr. Chapin is a member of a small percentage of plastic surgeons who educate patients, and perform dual plane implant positioning. This technique lets Dr. Chapin be the most precise with implant placement, and provides the best shaping of the inferior portion of the breast. It enables the breast tissue to ride up relative to the implant, so that it does not appear that tissue is dropping off.

The breast augmentation patient still benefits from all the advantages, such as decreased visibility and reduced risk of capsular contracture, of a submuscular position. Also, for patients who present a small amount of breast sag, a dual plane is an ideal method to allow the implant to be placed under the muscle and give a lift to the breast, while avoiding the need for a breast lift procedure.

Implant position should be tailored according to the patient’s activities and natural anatomy. Tell your doctor if you do heavy body exercises, such as bodybuilding, as this can make an impact on your breasts through the years. Be sure to communicate about significant activities that may be related to your surgery as well.

To achieve natural-looking breasts that last, your doctor must take into consideration how your breast tissue can change over time. Talk to your doctor so you get an assessment of your breast size, tissue quality, and skin elasticity.

You have the final call on how you ultimately want your body to look. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon who you are comfortable with, to discuss your concerns and desires. This will allow you to make the best decision in your breast augmentation journey!