A Superficial Chemical Peel: Convenient and Revitalizing

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The aging process has many different effects on our bodies as well as our minds. While we can be grateful for the benefits it may provide mentally, we often despise what it does to our bodies. Over the course of time, age can make us develop wrinkles and fine lines that make us look much older and less attractive than we would like.

While we can’t necessarily prevent this from happening, we can delay the process by turning to cosmetic procedures. While a lot of cosmetic procedures are invasive and surgical, there are a few non-invasive procedures that offer optimal results with minimum effort. The superficial chemical peel at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics is one of these procedures.

What Is a Superficial Chemical Peel?

A superficial chemical peel treatment utilizes an acidic substance designed to remove the dead skin cells and superficial epidermis from the surface of your skin. This, in turn, leads to skin that looks and feels smoother, softer, and more youthful.

It improves your skin’s appearance significantly and gives you the confidence that you’ve always been looking for. You’ll start noticing changes in your skin’s tone, pigmentation, as well as texture almost immediately after the procedure.

The peel mainly uses chemicals such as salicylic and glycolic acid. The gentler chemicals are all based on fruit enzymes. These ingredients are then mixed with a mild chemical solution and applied to the skin. It is left on long enough for it to penetrate the epidermis.

T solution will act on the skin and break down the binding elements in the top layer of the skin. This, in turn, will help get rid of any dead skin cells in the treatment area, giving way to a much healthier layer of skin.

Every chemical peel is tailored to suit the individual needs of a patient. If you suffer from skin irregularities like acne, scarring, discoloration, sunspots, and fine lines, then this procedure is perfect for you. The superficial peel can also prepare the facial skin for more intense peels.

The Benefits of the Superficial Chemical Peel

The superficial chemical peels are the mildest options among the chemical peel treatments that you can find today. The procedure is so gentle that you can even call it the ‘lunchtime peel’. All because you can get this procedure done on your lunch break!

It doesn’t take long and it offers long-lasting results. As with all procedures, you’ll have to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to ensure optimal results. Taking care of yourself by following your doctor’s instructions after any medical procedure is necessary to guarantee the best results possible.

The Best Candidates for the Superficial Chemical Peel

The superficial chemical peel is safe enough to be done on virtually anyone. For some people, wrinkles start to manifest from very early stages in their lives. This procedure is ideal for anyone who wants to improve his or her skin tone and texture. The procedure is safe and extremely effective.

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