The Sopranoxl Diode Laser Reduces Facial And Body Hair

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The SopranoXL utilizes laser energy to heat up the hair follicles underneath the skin’s sub-dermal layer. When exposed to the heat produced by the laser, the hair in the targeted area will cease to grow. This treatment was FDA approved in 2004 and has provided patients all over the world with exceptional results.

Ideal Candidates for the Procedure

The Sopranoxl diode laser is a great body hair removal treatment in the Philadelphia area, for both men and women. The process allows for a safe and effective treatment and as an added advantage, it suits all skin types, hair types (including type of hair color), and can be used on any part of the face and body.

What to Expect After the Treatment

A patient who undergoes the treatment may experience visible results after going through multiple, short sessions with a trusted doctor. The procedure is quite comfortable and does not involve any risks or excessive discomfort. After each individual session, you can enjoy the freedom of returning to your normal daily activities.

Should You be Worried About Hair Re-Growth?

When a patient undergoes this treatment, the heating of the hair follicles damages them permanently. In some cases, the hair follicles might get damaged only partially. In this situation, you may have to undergo the treatment again.

Preparing for the Hair Removal Procedure

The treatment is pain-free and devoid of complications. As a patient, however, you will still need to take the necessary steps to get ready for the treatment. You will be given preoperative and post-operative instructions that you will need to follow for the best results. If the instructions are carefully followed, you will be able to enjoy the full effects the treatment has to offer.

The most common and the most significant advice provided by any of the clinics would be to stay away from tanning, both natural and artificial. Tanning can trigger and increase the chance of side effects. It can also change the color of your skin and adversely affect the laser’s effectiveness if it is tuned to fit your natural skin tone. When going outside, you should always wear sunscreen to keep your skin protected as well.

Along with these requirements, you may also be asked to stop using specific deodorants, lotions, and make-up. These are standard precautionary measures, but sometimes your doctor may also provide specific instructions for your individual needs.

Post-Treatment Care

The most common side effects include swelling or redness, but these issues will subside soon after the procedure is completed. During the recovery phase, there are certain steps that will need to be followed to ensure optimized results. These steps include:

• Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun to maintain optimal skin health.
• Avoiding anything that can cause irritation to the skin such as scratching and scrubbing.
• Avoiding the use of make-up and other products that may hinder the skin’s health.

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