As some women get older, their breasts begin to sag. Many women turn to cosmetic procedures to improve the look of their sagging breasts for a more aesthetically pleasing body. Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is the most common of these procedures, and in some cases, it can provide dramatic improvements for women who are struggling with sagging breasts.


Women over the age of 18 who aren’t pleased with the way their breasts look are suitable for a breast lift procedure. You will make a great breast lift candidate if you have sagging breasts as a result of:

  • Aging
  • Fluctuating weight changes
  • Pregnancy

You will also make a good candidate if you have a clear goal in mind about the image you desire to portray, you’re not planning on having any children, and you have realistic expectations about your final results.


The main purpose of a breast lift is to give the breasts a more uplifted and perky look. It can improve their contours, perkiness, and overall shape. It will not, however, enlarge or shrink the breasts. It will be important for patients to have a realistic expectation of breast lift results.

Women looking to change the size of their breasts must consider combining breast lifts with a breast augmentation procedure or a breast reduction. This is a popular trend. Women who choose to have implants with their lift will benefit from restored volume and fullness.


The primary objective of the breast lift procedure is to position the areolae and nipples in a higher position. It generally takes a few hours to complete, and most women who undergo the procedure do not need to stay overnight to recover.

The procedure will be performed with general anesthesia. To begin, the surgeon will mark the expected positions of the areolae. Once this is done, the surgeon will make incisions and remove the excess tissue before re-positioning the nipple-areolar complex. He will then close the incisions and cover them with bandages.

If the patient is having breast implants placed during this procedure, the surgeon will insert them right before closing the incisions.


Typically, a follow-up appointment is scheduled a day or two after the breast lift surgery at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics. During this appointment, your surgeon will remove the bandages and drains. He will then proceed to check blood supply and make sure the nipples and areolae are the right color.

A special dressing is recommended in order to provide the right kind of support for the breasts. Your doctor might also recommend wearing a post-surgical support bra regularly. Usually, there is slight pain and discomfort after the procedure. To help with this, your doctor will prescribe pain medication for a few days after the surgery.

For optimal healing, patients must strictly follow all the instructions for post-surgery behavior. The instructions will help patients achieve the best possible results. Heavy lifting should not be performed for a couple of weeks after the surgery. Smoking must be avoided at all costs. Your doctor will also recommend that you do not take any medications that could encourage bleeding.


If you aren’t happy with the way your breasts look and you want to make an improvement, then a breast lift is the perfect procedure for you. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Chapin, a board-certified plastic surgeon. During your consultation, he will assess your needs and develop a plan that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.