SkinVive by Juvéderm® in Philadelphia, PA with Dr. Scott Chapin

Dermal fillers can help reduce the signs of aging that can affect your confidence and self-esteem, SkinVive is an innovative, effective, new dermal filler treatment from Juvéderm® to help improve the skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging. SkinVive is a hyaluronic acid treatment that helps restore skin’s hydration, enhancing your appearance for a healthy, rejuvenated look.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott D. Chapin and our team of certified aesthetic nurse specialists are highly trained in injectable aesthetics. At Chapin Aesthetics, we want to help you enhance your appearance and achieve your aesthetic goals with healthy, natural-looking results, making them your choice as the best SkinVive by Juvéderm® providers in Doylestown, PA.

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What Is SkinVive?

SkinVive by Juvéderm® is an innovative new aesthetic treatment that recently received FDA approval. While SkinVive is an injectable gel to address facial aging, it is not a typical dermal filler. Rather, SkinVive is a hyaluronic acid (HA) intradermal microdroplet injection treatment that improves the appearance of common signs of facial aging like lines and wrinkles and restores skin hydration for up to six months.

SkinVive does not affect the shape or volume of the face. Instead, it delivers a unique HA formula deep into the skin’s dermis layer to improve the skin’s overall quality, enhancing smoothness and elasticity for a healthier-looking appearance. By replenishing hydration and stimulating collagen production, SkinVive effectively addresses signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

With one SkinVive treatment, you can experience plumper, more youthful-looking skin with results that rejuvenate your overall appearance for up to six months. SkinVive can revitalize the signs of aging in the:

Minimally invasive SkinVive is a suitable treatment for all skin types and tones. As SkinVive requires little to no downtime, you can resume most daily activities immediately following treatment.

Your SkinVive Consultation

During your consultation, our certified aesthetic nurse specialists will listen carefully to your concerns, aesthetic goals, and questions. With many injectable treatments available, our certified aesthetic nurse specialists will help you determine if SkinVive is the appropriate option for your needs.

As our certified aesthetic nurse specialists are highly experienced in administering injectables, they take an individual approach based on each patient’s unique facial anatomy to achieve

Am I a Good Candidate for SkinVive by Juvéderm?

Generally, good candidates for SkinVive rejuvenation treatments are non-smokers who are in good physical and mental health. They are looking for a minimally invasive treatment to enhance their youthful appearance and restore their skin’s hydration.

To qualify for SkinVive candidacy, you should:

Comprehensive Care
Superior Results

Dr. Scott D. Chapin is a highly specialized, board-certified plastic surgeon with advanced training in breast and aesthetic surgery. His extensive experience and expertise in the aesthetics industry deliver superior results that help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. 

Preparing for Your SkinVive Treatment

Dr. Chapin and our certified aesthetic nurse specialists customize each SkinVive treatment to achieve optimal results for each patient. Here are some common steps to expect.

Not all injectors are created equally, so be selective when choosing yours. Select only experienced, highly trained injectors. Board-certified Dr. Chapin and our certified aesthetic nurse specialists have received advanced training and are certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

If you currently smoke, vape, or use any nicotine products, you should quit. It is strongly recommended that patients stop smoking at least 1 week before and after a SkinVive procedure.

For 7 to 10 days before your SkinVive treatment, avoid any anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin E, or herbal supplements that are not medically necessary as they may cause additional bleeding.

Alcohol can cause additional bleeding and bruising.

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SkinVive Procedure Day Overview

On the day of your SkinVive treatment, you’ll meet with one of our aesthetic nurse specialists at our office. Our team will review the details of your treatment and answer any final questions you have.

You may be treated with a topical numbing agent to minimize your discomfort. SkinVive contains lidocaine to ensure minimal discomfort throughout the procedure. It’s important to discuss any pain concerns before beginning your SkinVive treatment.

During your treatment, SkinVive will be strategically administered to the targeted areas. You may feel pressure or a stinging sensation; however, discomfort is typically minimal. Depending on the treatment areas, SkinVive procedures typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

SkinVive Recovery

As SkinVive treatments require minimal downtime, patients can resume most regular activities immediately. It is common for patients to experience mild redness, bruising, or swelling at the injection site. However, these effects are typically mild and will resolve on their own in a few hours to days.

Following your SkinVive treatment, you should avoid strenuous activities like exercise for 48 to 72 hours and sun exposure as directed. To ensure optimal results, it’s important to thoroughly follow all post-procedural instructions provided by your provider, including skincare recommendations.

How Soon Will I See My SkinVive Results?

Typically, most patients experience visible results 4 weeks after being treated with SkinVive. You can expect noticeable improvements to the treated areas, including reduced lines and wrinkles, smoother skin, and a more radiant glowing appearance.

With optimal placement and aftercare, SkinVive results may last up to six months. Follow-up treatments are necessary to maintain optimal results. Results vary based on each patient’s unique response and the treated area.

How Much Does SkinVive Cost?

SkinVive by Juvéderm costs vary by patient, depending on the treatment areas and the number of units required to achieve your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, one of our certified aesthetic nurse specialists will estimate your Philadelphia SkinVive cost.

Choosing Dr. Scott D. Chapin as Your SkinVive Provider

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott D. Chapin and our certified aesthetic nurse specialists have completed advanced training and regularly continue their education in performing injectable treatments, ensuring they offer their patients the most advanced knowledge and techniques. Our certified aesthetic nurse specialists have received certification from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, assuring you will receive optimal care for your cosmetic needs. By blending medical science, artistry, and humanity in every procedure they perform, the experts at Chapin Aesthetics prove time and again that they are the best SkinVive providers in Pennsylvania.

At Chapin Aesthetics, Dr. Chapin and his staff strive to make people feel better about themselves. With a comforting environment that puts patients at ease and excellent results that speak for themselves, Dr. Chapin and his staff ensure comfort, safety, efficiency, and superior results in all aspects of your aesthetic treatment journey.

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