Staying healthy by exercising regularly and eating a clean diet is the best way to lose weight—but not always the best way to get an ideal shape. Those isolated bulges or noticeably wobbly areas that don’t seem to budge even after the toughest workouts can be a nuisance, even for people who are otherwise slim. Our team at Chapin Aesthetics commonly fields questions from patients who are curious about the differences between various body sculpting methods and unsure about which one would be better for their needs. We provide both liposuction and SculpSure® for the Philadelphia area, as well as a diverse range of other surgical and non-invasive options. The best choice for you depends on multiple factors, including your goals and lifestyle.


Liposuction is a long-used form of plastic surgery ideal for removing fat from areas all over the body, including the stomach, thighs, flanks, back, upper arms, and butt. Physically taking away fat cells can create a sleeker, more proportional body shape. During the procedure, excess fat is dislodged and suctioned out from beneath the skin with a thin, hollow instrument known as a cannula. The surgery can last up to three hours and commonly leaves small scars where the cannula was inserted, though these marks can be made in inconspicuous areas. Liposuction is often combined with body lift procedures that remove and tighten skin, such as tummy tucks and breast augmentations. Patients typically need around four weeks of recovery time after surgical fat reduction.


The energy-based, non-invasive method of fat reduction used in SculpSure® is an ideal choice for patients who have active lifestyles and who want to go back to their normal activities as soon as possible after a procedure. Unlike liposuction, patients won’t need to plan for several weeks of recovery time. This leading-edge fat-reduction method takes just 25 minutes and involves no surgery. The device uses heat to destroy subcutaneous fat cells while leaving the outer surface of the skin and the surrounding tissues unharmed. SculpSure® is FDA approved for treating love handles, the stomach, the back, thighs, and a double chin. Note that SculpSure® typically works more slowly and produces less dramatic outcomes when compared to liposuction, with full results visible in up to three months.

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