Due to a variety of factors, men may develop enlarged breast tissue that results in the appearance of male breasts. For many men, this condition known as gynecomastia, can be detrimental to their well-being and masculinity. After the onset of male breasts, men may feel insecure about their bodies and experience a lack of confidence throughout their lives.

Often times, men choose to commit to a diet and exercise routine to get rid of the breasts, but these practices don’t work all the time. The one sure way to get rid of them is through male breast reduction surgery. The Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics offers this in Doylestown.


Excess breast tissue can have many causes. Male breasts can appear in newborns and even adolescent boys. However, these are typically caused by temporary hormonal changes or exposure to maternal hormones for infants. As such, as soon as the temporary hormonal imbalances subside the problem of male breasts resolves itself.

In older men, the problem may not go away on its own. This has to do with many factors. Older men may be more prone to excess fat deposits on their body. Also, there may be underlying health conditions that can be causing a disruption in the body’s hormonal balance. Your doctor will first examine you for possible health conditions before choosing surgical methods to remove excess breast tissue.

Some cases of male breasts can be caused by medications. Common medications for many diseases ranging from diabetes to heart conditions can generate excess male breast tissue as a side effect. As such, replacing these medications will help treat the problem.

If no external or internal factors are found responsible for excess breast tissue, your doctor may decide on surgery. The type of surgery to be used depends on many factors. If the male breasts are primarily caused due to excess fat, liposuction can help remove the fat. However, usually male breasts are caused by excess breast tissue that needs to be surgically removed. Your doctor may also feel the need to remove excess skin from the area and tighten the muscles to give the chest a firmer, more toned look.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It may take up to two hours to complete depending on the extent of fat and excess tissue that needs to be removed. You will also need to take a few days off work after surgery.

As the incisions heal, you will need to avoid heavy physical work. You will also need to wear a compression bandage to reduce swelling and support the chest. Some patients experience bruising, swelling, and itching, and these can be treated with the proper medications. Your surgeon may recommend the use of drainage tubes to remove excess fluid from the incision area.

Even after the surgical removal of male breast tissue, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While the outcome of surgery is permanent, excess fat deposits can undo some of the effects the surgery provides. Healthy habits such as eating a diet full of fruits and veggies and practicing an exercise routine can help prevent the problem from reoccurring.


Contact our office to learn more about the male breast reduction treatment. Dr. Scott Chapin, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can provide you with all the information you need about the treatment and get you the results you desire.