Breast Procedures Before & After Photos

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Case #7007

415 cc Sientra textured round moderate profile with wise pattern lift.  Results shown in 7 months.

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58 year old with left breast cancer underwent bilateral Oncoplastic Breast Reduction.

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Right side breast cancer/asymmetry, underwent Oncoplastic Breast Reduction.

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Case #7031

5'3" 112lbs, 255cc textured round Sientra implants, submuscular, IM incision.  This patient desiered more fullness with a natural look.

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Case #7015

Right breast augmentation with Sientra textured round low profile implant.

Left breast implant exchange and capsulectomy with Sientra oval implant.

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Patient desired implants more centrally placed, 300 to 355cc textured Sientra implants, neosubpectoral pocket.

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Case #7030

37 year old, 5'8" 120 lbs, 6 months following bilateral Breast Augmentation with 385 cc textured gen high profile cohesive gel implants.  IM In ... more

Case #3592

34 y/o; 5 FT 10 IN; weight 145lbs.; bilateral breast augmentation with "lollipop" lift. 435cc round, textured cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants; p ... more

Case #6471

Patient had a breast lift (no implant) with anchor incision.

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Case #7003

4 months following bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy for breast cancer.  Patient had reconstruction with tissue expanders followed with permanent cohesive gel i ... more

Case #3680

45 year old patient shown 6 months following bilateral breast reduction with anchor incision technique. Approximately 1.5 lbs were removed from EACH breast

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This patient felt that her implants were "taking over the room" every where she went.  She underwent exchange of her 550cc implants for 355cc textured S ... more

Case #7027

This patient had breast ptosis treated with 285cc textured moderate profile Sientra implants placed in a dual plane.  The dual plane allows the implant to drop lo ... more

Case #3584

Breast Aug with Anchor Incision Lift. Height 5'4" Weight 185 lbs. Patient lost 140 lbs. with gastric bypass.
Saline Implants 425cc

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Case #6343

41 Year old 6 months following vertical Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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Case #7002

Right breast reduction and revision Left breast with autologous (her own) fat grafting and scar release.

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Case #3672

Breast reduction with Wise pattern technique. 589 grams were removed on the right and 745 grams on the left.

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This patient with a wide breast bone (sternum) underwent a Breast Augmentation and, although happy with the results, desired improvement in her cleavage.  She is ... more

Case #7026

34 year old 5'6" 140 lbs, 415cc Sientra smooth mod profile, IM incision, submuscular, dual plane

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Case #3514

lollipop incision lift
Height: 5' 4" · Weight: 150 lbs
Implant Size: 350-375 Saline · Pre-op 36B · Post-op 36C/D
Sal ... more

Case #6747

24 year following bilateral anchor incision (wise pattern) breast lift with no implants.

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Case #7001

Bilateral Nipple Sparing Mastectomy over the muscle.

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Case #7018

Patient with bottoming out of previous 500cc Smooth implants shown 6 months following repositioning with 700cc Smooth Natrelle Cohesive gel implants and Galashape 3D s ... more

Case #7021

5'4" 121 lbs 355cc Textured Sientra gel implants, IM incision.

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Case #3497

lollipop incision lift
Height: 5' 7" · Weight: 147 lbs
Implant Size: 350-400 · Pre-op 36B/C · Post-op 36D
Sa ... more

Case #7006

325 cc Sientra textured round cohesive gel implants, IM incision, sub pectoral,  Results are shown at 1 month.

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Case #7011

Saline implants exchanged for silicone gel implants with repositioning.

Previous implants:  330 cc saline

Replaced with:   &nbs ... more

Case #5613

47 year old female height 5ft 4in, 125lbs, patient presents status post lumpectomy and radiation treatment on LEFT breast. Bilateral breast augmentation completed with ... more

Case #3483

lollipop incision lift
Height: 5' 10" · Weight: 160 lbs
Implant Size: 375 filled to 400 Saline · Pre-op 36B · Post-op 36C/D ... more

Case #7005

5'1" 100 lbs 435 cc Sientra textured round high projection implants, sub muscular, IM incision, Results at 1 month

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Case #3652

Breast Reduction with anchor scar technique. Patent had 1658 total grams were removed


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Case #7010

5'3" 115lbs, Patient with left tubular breast.  Patient had breast augmentation with capsular contracture on left side 9 years ago.  Replacement/cap ... more

Case #3556

53 year old presents history of (previous) lumpectomy and radiation treatment completion. Breast reconstruction; RIGHT: 300cc fat injection; LEFT: lift procedure (mast ... more

Case #6455

39 year old 6 months following Breast Augmentation with vertical (lollipop) lift.

5ft 2in, 137lbs. 250cc Sientra low projection cohesive gel implants.

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Case #7004

5'9" 150 lbs 355 cc textured cohesive gel Sientra implants, sub muscular, dual plane, inframmary incisions.

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Case #3542

42 year old; Height 5'; weight 125lbs.; Patient presented with right Mastopexy reconstruction with saline implant that was 13 years prior. Patient had asymmetry. more

Case #3468

Implant Size: 325-350 · Pre-op 36A · Post-op 36B/C
This patient has tuberous or constricted breasts. She had a circumareolar or concentric (incisi ... more

Case #3646

66 year old with anchor incision Breast Reduction. 2069 total grams were removed.

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Case #3522

Height 5'9"; weight 183lbs.; Patient had bilateral mastoplexy and presents with saline implants from many years ago.

Patient had bilateral implant e ... more

Case #4271

PreOp Photos: 34 year old shown 7 years after breast augmentation (smooth, saline implants) w/ breast implant asymmetry and lateralization of LEFT implant.

P ... more

Case #3451

Implant Size: 300-320 Saline · Pre-op 36DDD · Post-op 36D
Approximately 250grams breast tissue removed with lift

This patient lost 90 lb ... more

Case #3638

Pre 40H Post 38C Removed 1300 Grams

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Case #6484

Patient had bilateral breast reconstruction with 575cc saline implants 8 years ago. She presented with partial deflation of left implant. She underwent removal and rep ... more

Case #4263

25 year old; Height 5'0 "; weight 112lbs.

PreOp Photos: 1 year after breast augmentation w/ 300cc round smooth gel implants; patient presents w/ cap ... more

Case #6009

4 months following Breast Augmentation/Lollipop Vertical Lift. Allergan Natrelle 354 cc textured round cohesive gel implants. Dual plane technique.

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Case #6637

34 year old with pectus excavation (indention of sternal bone). Breast augmentation with 325 cc round textured Sientra implants, IM incision, 34A - 34C.

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Case #3628

The bottom photo shows a close-up of the scar after healing.

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Case #6279

Right breast lumpectomy for invasive carcinoma with immediate reconstruction using Oncoplastic Breast Reduction. Final result showing following radiation to right brea ... more

Case #4256

Intra-operative, lateral photo of previous/saline implants.

Intra-operative, lateral photo after (new) 450cc cohesive gel implant placed on RIGHT side.

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Case #6799

20 year old 5 feet 3 inches, Weight 150 lbs had breast augmentation with anchor incision lift using 285 cc Sientra low profile implants.

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Case #3322

Height: 5' 3" · Weight: 118 lbs
Implant Size: 300-325 Saline · Pre-op: 34 A/B · Post-op: 34 B/C

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Case #6496

20 year old 3 months following small breast lift/reduction with anchor incision. Please note her scars will fade in 3 to 6 months.

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Case #6264

62 year old with deflated left saline breast implant. Patient is status post Breast Reconstruction 10 years prior. Photos shown following autologous fat injection to b ... more

Case #4249

Before Photo 1: Height 5'8"; weight 150lbs.; 35 year old presents with asymmetry (see PreOp1 photo) nine years following breast augmentation ... more

Case #6149

38 Year old, Height 5'6", Weight 134 lbs with glandular ptosis (sagging of breast tissue) did not desire breast lift. Sientra 425 CC round back implants conto ... more

Case #6231

42 year old patient 6 months following bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy. Reconstruction was initially performed with tissue expanders. Photo taken 3 month following ... more

Case #6051

48 year old with bilateral ruptured 17 year old silicone gel implants with capsular contracture (Baker 3)
3 months following implant removal, complete removal o ... more

Case #6165

25 Year old, Height 5'3", Weight 120 lbs patient present with glandular ptosis (sagging of breast tissue) who did not desire a Breast Lift. 425cc Round back c ... more

Case #6092

28 year old status post Breast Augmentation 6 years prior presented with lateralization of implants as a result of smooth implants, original result shown.

Pa ... more

Case #3416

This patient has asymmetry and a mild form of tubular breast deformity (worse on the right breast). Aerolar incision. Height 5'4" weight 130lbs 350cc silicone ... more

Case #3608

Breast Reduction with Anchor Scar technique. Amount Removed: 540 grams on the Right side and 300 grams on the Left side Pre-op: 36DD · Post-op: 36C/D The after ... more

Case #6712

44 year old with lobular breast cancer of left breast. She is show through various stages of breast reconstruction following bilateral mastectomy including tissue expa ... more

Case #6536

47 Year old had unilateral (left side) augmentation 20 years ago for asymmetry, complained left nipple too high and denied better symmetry. Patient shown 3 months foll ... more

Case #3392

Height 5'2" Weight 108lbs. Implant size 325cc Pre-op 34A
Silicone Implant

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Case #3600

Breast Reduction with Anchor Scar technique. The after pictures were taken 1 month following the procedure.

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Case #6736

52 year old tested positive for BRCA gene. Status post bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction with tissue expander and dermal matrix. Final implants 535cc HP Sientra text ... more

Case #6690

39 year old, height 5'5", weight 150 lbs with pain from implants "bottoming out" underwent exchange from 600cc textured gel Natrelle for 485cc textu ... more

Case #3338

29 year old; Height 5'4"; weight 115lbs.; breast augmentation with periareolar incisions; 355cc round cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants; pre-op siz ... more

Case #6839

Previous history of lumpectomy/radiation for (L) breast cancer, (L) mastectomy for new breast cancer, (R) prophylactic mastectomy. Recon (L) latissimus dorsi musculocu ... more

Case #6133

30 Year old Height 5'5" Weight 130lbs Breast Augmentation with 378 Natrelle Style 115 Textured Round Implants IM Incision Dual plane Sub pectoral. Pre-op size ... more

Case #6979

57 year old 3 months following nipple sparing mastectomy and reconstruction with cohesive gel implants/dermal matrix-submuscular.

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Case #6807

48 year old with asymmetry lateralization, and bottoming out of right breast implant. Status post bilateral implant replacement with popcorn technique (R) to repositio ... more

Case #4002

35 year old 5ft 5in 130lbs Bilateral breast augmentation with 330cc oval shaped textured cohesive gel implants IM incision. PreOp bra size: 34A. PostOp bra size 34C-D. ... more

Case #5633

39 year old; 5ft 5in; 135lbs Bilateral breast augmentation and inverted left nipple repair w/ 355cc round textured cohesive gel Gummy Bear implants; IM incision. Photo ... more

Case #3533

25 year old; 5ft 5in; 142lbs. Bilateral breast augmentation w/ 435cc round moderate profile textured cohesive gel Gummy Bear implants. Photos shown at 1 year post-op. ... more

Case #6552

43 year old 5'2" 170 lbs, Breast Augmentation with 435cc Sientra round textured cohesive gel, IM incisions. Patient desired a natural look.

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Case #6562

31 year old 5'6" 115 lbs. This patient could have added a lift to her augmentation, but instead opted for augmentation only with Sientra round back contoured ... more

Case #3440

36 year old; Height 5'3"; weight 117lbs; 355cc round textured cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants; inframmamory incisions. Pre-op size 32 A/B; post-o ... more

Case #3432

35 year old; Height 5'3 "; weight 135lbs; presents with breast ptosis. Recommended two options: breast augmentation w/ lift vs. breast augmentation w/ shaped ... more

Case #3378

Saline Implant

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Case #3475

25 year old female; 5'9"; 150 lbs; pre-op bar size: 36B. Bilateral breast augmentation w/ 385cc textured round cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants; I ... more

Case #6452

5ft 130lbs 370cc Round Back Contoured (shaped) Sientra implants. Sub muscular, IM incision. Patient had low nipple position and glandular ptosis improved shaped implan ... more

Case #6177

23 Year old, Height 5'4", Weight 125 lbs Natrelle 350 cc Smooth cohesive gel implants, IM incision, Dual plane. Pre 34 A/B, post photos taken at 3 months.

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Case #6201

This patient wanted a natural look without a lift. 32 year old 5'4" 129lbs. 400 cc Oval shaped Sientra cohesive gel implants, IM incision Dual plane sub pecto ... more

Case #6607

27 year old 3 months following breast augmentation with 425 cc shaped round back Sientra cohesive gel implants (IM incision) sub pectoral, dual plane.

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Case #3448

32 year old; Height 5'5"; weight 118lbs; 355cc round textured cohesive gel "gummy bear" implants; inframmamory incisions. Pre-op size 32 A; post-op ... more

Case #6504

5ft 2in 110 lbs, 255cc Sientra cohesive gel textured round implants, sub muscular, dual plane, IM incision.

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Case #6405

41 year old 3 months after Breast Augmentation. Sientra 385cc round cohesive gel implants. IM incision, sub muscular, dual plane

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Case #6647

26 year old 5ft 4in, 125lbs 6 months following breast augmentation with 385cc Sientra textured cohesive gel round implants, IM incision. 34A – 34C/D.

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Case #6927

18 year old 5 feet 4 inches 1 month following Breast Augmentation with textured 325 cc gel Sientra implants IM incision. Pre 32B, Post 34C/D.

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Case #6891

32 year old with mild glandular ptosis and asymmetry. 355cc textured round Sientra cohesive gel implants. Submuscular dual plane IM incision.

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Case #6851

24 year old 5 feet 5 inches, 130 lbs, 355cc Sientra textured cohesive gel implans, IM incision. Pre-op 34 A/Post-op 34 DD

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*Individual patient results may vary