Contour with Light in the Philadelphia Area

SculpSure® at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics is a groundbreaking procedure that uses light to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas that resist diet and exercise. This new standard in noninvasive body contouring takes only 25 minutes and does not involve surgery or downtime.

The SculpSure® body contouring technology is able to target and destroy unwanted fat cells without negatively impacting the surface of the skin. The damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and eliminated by the body over time. Visible results can be seen in the treated areas anywhere from six to 12 weeks after treatment. There is no downtime or recovery period associated with SculpSure®, so you can go about your regular schedule as your own body works to slim down problem areas after a treatment.

To discuss SculpSure® in the Philadelphia area, contact Chapin Aesthetics in Doylestown today. Call 267.880.0810 or send a message online.

SculpSure® can:

  • Reduce stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Create a slimmer more shapely figure
  • Restore the contour in areas with persistent fat deposits

Meet Dr. Scott Chapin

Dr. Scott D. Chapin blends medical science, artistry, and humanity in every procedure he performs. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he specializes in aesthetic surgery, with a particular focus on breast surgery. His national reputation and commitment to excellence make him a top choice for Doylestown and beyond.

  • Dr. Chapin has been inducted into the RealSelf Hall of Fame

Our Customized Approach to SculpSure®

Dr. Scott D. Chapin is experienced in a variety of body contouring procedures, giving him particular insight into which options work best in specific cases. After hearing from you and examining your problem areas during your consultation, he will determine if you are a candidate for SculpSure®.

The Day of Your SculpSure® Treatment

Your procedure will be performed in Chapin Aesthetic’s Doylestown office. On the day of your SculpSure® session, Dr. Chapin and our certified aesthetic nurse specialists will meet with you to review the specifics of your body contouring session and answer any last-minute questions. A liquid gel will be applied to the targeted area to remove any lotions or oils from the skin. Next, a flat, non-suction applicator will be strategically placed on the area being treated. Once all the applicators are in the appropriate place, they will be activated. When the treatment has ended after about 25 minutes, the applicators are removed and any residue gel is wiped from the skin.

SculpSure® Recovery

Given the gentle, noninvasive nature of SculpSure®, no special recovery time is needed. Patients are free to go about their typical activities, work, and even exercise as soon as their session is done.

More Body Contouring Options in the Philadelphia Area

Since SculpSure® results are gradual, patients who want to see contour changes sooner after their session may opt for a surgical procedure, sucha s liposuction or its variation, Smartlipo. Talk to the Chapin Aesthetics team to find out which body contouring option would be ideal for you.

Dr. Scott Chapin and his team of certified aesthetic nurse specialists serve patients from Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties. To learn more about SculpSure® in the Philadelphia area or to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation in Doylestown, contact Chapin Aesthetics today by calling 267.880.0810 or sending a message online.

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