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Prominent ears can be a source of self-consciousness for both children and adults.  When the ears draw too much attention it is not uncommon for children to be subject to teasing that negatively impacts their self-esteem.  The majority of the time ear surgery, medically know as otoplasty, is performed on children between the ages of four to 18 years old.  It is ideal to have a child undergo the procedure at age four or five, as the ears have finished developing, and to prevent the low self-esteem that often results from ridicule from their school age peers. 

Adults often feel uncomfortable and suffer from low confidence when they feel that their ears are too noticeable.  If your objective is for your ears or your children’s ears to be less obtrusive, otoplasty can help you achieve your goals. 

Otoplasty is utilized to reduce the size of large ears and/or to set protruding ears back closer to the head.  There are a number of variations of the procedure, depending upon the shape of ears and desired outcome.  Dr. Scott D. Chapin is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who offers his patients a fast and minimally invasive procedure that adjusts the ears to blend in naturally with the rest of the facial features and to restore a more balanced appearance. 

Ear Surgery Can:

  • Reduce the size of your ears
  • Rectify ears that protrude too far from the head
  • Restore symmetry between uneven ears
  • Bring balance to facial features

Our Customized Approach
During the consultation Dr. Chapin will carefully listen to ensure he fully understands all of your concerns.  Dr. Chapin will evaluate the ears and provide a comprehensive outline of your procedure options.  The details of the procedure will be thoroughly explained by Dr. Chapin during the consultation to clarify the recovery process and expected results. 

Day of Your Procedure
Your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia at a Bucks County or Montgomery County AAA Certified Facility.  On the day of your procedure, Dr. Chapin and his highly trained team will meet with you to review all details and answer any questions before surgery.  Generally, otoplasty takes about an hour to perform.  You will receive exceptional and comprehensive care following your procedure to ensure your comfort.

Ear Surgery Recovery
Typically, otoplasty procedures involve minimal pain and downtime.  Bandages will be necessary to protect the treated area for the first two weeks post procedure.  Although each patient’s recovery is unique, it typically takes two weeks to heal.  Dr. Chapin will provide complete preoperative and postoperative care instructions.  He will monitor and advise when patients can gradually resume their daily activities including exercise. 

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Dr. Chapin serves patients from Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties.  To learn more about otoplasty or to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation, contact our office today.

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