5 Essential Tips for Picking an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

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So you’ve made the decision to get the life-changing plastic surgery procedure you’ve been considering for months—or even years. Congratulations, but that is just the beginning of the decision-making process. The next, vitally important step is choosing a qualified aesthetic surgeon. In the Philadelphia area, there are more than a few options. But with all the practices and clinics advertising their services, where do you even start?

To make the process more streamlined for you, Chapin Aesthetics has created a short list of the most important factors to look into when considering any plastic surgeon:

Look Over Their Credentials

Let’s say a provider advertises tummy tucks at an affordable price. That should be good enough, right? Wrong. There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right surgeon, and no plastic surgery should be rushed into or taken lightly—even for a discount or unbelievable rate. In fact, “too good to be true” prices often are just that. Plastic surgery is not monitored they way medical procedures are by insurance companies. This is why it’s especially important to do your own research.

Physicians may advertise themselves as cosmetic or plastic surgeons even if they don’t have specific training or formal qualifications in the field. Contact the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), or a similar highly respected organization to find out whether your doctor is board-certified with the group. You should also read your prospective plastic surgeon’s bio and CV to learn about their board certifications or eligibility. Also, check out Philadelphia’s state medical board.

Ask About Hospital Privileges

One way to learn more about the safety standards and skill of any practitioners is to find out whether they have privileges with at least one reputable hospital that allow them to care for you there if a complication occurs. Having privileges means the hospital recognizes them in their specialty and they have been rigorously reviewed.

Get Referrals

Seek advice from your primary care doctor, hospitals, family, and friends who have had similar procedures done. Medical professionals are typically happy to recommend peers in other specialties. Satisfied former patients are likely to give honest answers—and you have the added benefit of seeing a plastic surgeon’s results in real life.

Ask About Their Background

Find out how many times the doctor has performed the procedure you’re interested in, how often they do it, and what the complication rates are like. Look through before-and-after photos and talk to prior patients if possible.

Reputation Matters

See what people have said in online reviews about the plastic surgeon you are considering. Research any lawsuits or complaints. Also, check social media. Seek out providers who are well regarded by a broad and diverse group of people.

Philadelphia’s Chapin Aesthetics welcomes questions. Start your journey of discovery today by calling (267) 880-0810 or sending a message to arrange a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon.

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