Chapin Aesthetics is First Practice in Pennsylvania to offer TissuGlu® Drain-Free Technology

Published on June 14, 2017 by

Innovative option eliminates the need for drains, drain-related scarring and reduces recovery time

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chapin is the first surgeon in Pennsylvania to use the TissuGlu® Drain-Free technology for abdominoplasty.

One of the things patients worry about the most when considering a tummy tuck is the use of drains during the recovery period. Drains can cause discomfort, complicated post-op care, and a burden on one’s caretaker during recovery.

This new innovation in tummy tuck surgery, TissuGlu, eliminates the need for drains altogether. TissuGlu is a strong tissue adhesive used to seal the space between the abdomen muscles and skin flap, preventing fluid accumulation and movement or shear of the tissues. In turn, the amount of fluid accumulation is low enough that drains are not necessary.

While all patients are not candidates for drain-free tummy tucks at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics, many are. Always innovators, our practice is excited about the possibility of providing you with a drain-free tummy tuck experience.

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