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A mastectomy is a surgical procedure in which one or both breasts are removed to help treat or prevent breast cancer. Once one or both breasts are removed, it can be extremely difficult for a woman to feel comfortable in her own body and be confident with herself when around others.

By undergoing a breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, women can rejuvenate their self-confidence and self-esteem. It can help bring back their femininity and give them another chance at a normal life.

What Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

A breast reconstruction surgery at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics is used to restore one or both breasts to near their normal shape, size, symmetry, and appearance. The reconstruction process may involve several procedures that your surgeon will perform at the time of your mastectomy or sometime at a later date.

A breast reconstruction can be performed as an implant based reconstruction or a flap reconstruction. During an implant reconstruction, your surgeon will use either silicone or saline implants to help form new breasts. A flap reconstruction involves using tissue from another part of the body to form new breasts.

What Are the Options for Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Before undergoing the procedure, you will need talk to your surgeon about the options available to you. After a careful assessment of your body, he will develop a plan that will suit your needs perfectly. You will be able to decide between a flap reconstruction or an implant reconstruction. If you choose implants, you can pick between saline or silicone implants.

In some cases, a combination of the two methods can be used to complete the breast reconstruction surgery for optimal results.

When Can You Have the Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Immediately After the Mastectomy

Patients can choose to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery immediately after a mastectomy to avoid undergoing separate surgical procedures. As each surgery takes a huge toll on the patient and is very time consuming, starting the breast reconstruction surgery right after completing the mastectomy is a good idea.

After The Mastectomy

You have the option of postponing a breast reconstruction surgery until a later date if you’re not ready to decide on one after having gone through a mastectomy. This is known as a delayed breast reconstruction surgery, and it can be done a few months or even a few years after you’ve had your mastectomy.

This is a good option for patients who have had a hard time going through a mastectomy and breast cancer therapy and need a break to recoup before undergoing another major procedure. These surgeries can take a huge toll on the patient’s body and it is always advisable that you be in a strong physically and mentally before undergoing these kinds of surgeries.

If you’ve had only one breast removed during a mastectomy and wish to have breast reconstruction surgery done only on that breast, you can combine it with a breast lift to further enhance your breast symmetry and make them look aesthetically pleasing.

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