Give Your Buttocks a Beautiful Shape with a Brazilian Lift

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Do you spend hours in the gym every week trying to get rid of your flat buttocks? Achieving an aesthetically pleasing butt is a common goal for a great deal of women, but many find it difficult to accomplish this goal. If you want a well-toned and well-rounded buttocks, then doing 100 squats a day isn’t going to help you achieve that.

With the help of a surgical procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics, however, your goals may finally be well within reach.

What Is a Brazilian Lift?

A Brazilian lift is a type of plastic surgery that is used to help women obtain the well-rounded buttocks they have always dreamed of. The procedure can help uplift and increase the size of the posterior. It can also make it rounder, firmer, and more proportional to the rest of our body.

The procedure involves the use of fat grafting, also known as the fat transfer technique, to help modify the look and feel of your buttocks. The procedure has less risks than other techniques because your own fat is used and the end result will also look more natural.

What Can It Help Achieve?

The Brazilian Lift can:

  • Change the shape of the buttocks and make it more proportional, larger, or firmer especially after dramatic weight loss
  • Lift up or raise sagging buttocks
  • Reshape and recontour a flat buttocks
  • Increase the size of a small or disproportionate buttocks
  • Correct an asymmetrical buttocks

How Is a Brazilian Lift Performed?

The Brazilian lift begins with a liposuction to successfully complete the fat transfer part of the procedure. Your surgeon will harvest fat cells from a predetermined part of the body. The region selected depends on your needs and may include the abdomen, thighs, and arms. The fat is then stored and purified to retain the highest quality cells.

The purified fat cells will then be injected into the buttocks. The cells will multiply and add shape, volume, and firmness to the butt. They will also provide more lift to the butt and make it look larger and more round.

The fat processing technique used to purify the cells involves centrifugation and decanting before being injected back into the patient’s buttocks. A number of injections are strategically placed to insert the fat into the buttocks very carefully. This will allow your surgeon to achieve the right shape, size, and proportion.

After the procedure is completed, your overall body profile will look more attractive, appealing, and sensuous.

The fat transfer technique is preferred over buttock implants because the patient’s own body fat is used to plump up the buttocks so there are no risks or side effects. This method also gives your surgeon more freedom to shape the butt more efficiently. The procedure is safe, effective, and provides the results you desire.

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