How Does Your Body Type Impact Weight Loss?

Published on May 27, 2021 by

Have you been trying to lose weight from your midsection, but can’t seem to get the flat stomach you want? Ultimately, if you have unwanted fat that won’t budge from the stomach area, the answer for you may be liposuction. If you also have excess skin, the solution could be a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty. Philadelphia-area patients wondering when might be the best time to contact us about either procedure at Chapin Aesthetics should know that body composition is a complex subject, and no two shapes are ever identical. This is why it can often be challenging to achieve the physique you want, and why plastic surgery might be the most effective way to succeed at making a cosmetic change.

Some people have different “problem areas” compared to others. There are three classic categories—or “somatotypes”—that a person’s overall body shape can fall into: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Within these groups, body shapes can be further categorized into apple, pear, rectangle, and others. To complicate things even more, many people have a body shape that combines two or sometimes three of the somatotypes. On top of that, genetics, metabolism, lifestyle, and gender also impact the way our fat is distributed.

Here’s a simple explanation of each classic body type and the best way to train for each of them, whether or not you are considering lipo or a tummy tuck:


Ectomorphs have a body type that you would normally associate with supermodels: tall, long-limbed, slim, and not particularly muscular. Ectos have the least amount of fat and muscle compared to their counterparts. They also have the most difficulty gaining weight. However, some can be “skinny fat.” Consume protein to build muscle and focus on strength training.


Mesomorphs are muscular people who have a proportional body and find it easy to bulk up. These people are typically strong and athletic with a long torso and short limbs. The hips are usually the same width as the shoulders. Maintain your physique with a moderate amount of protein, strength training, and endurance training, along with yoga to improve your flexibility.


Endomorphs naturally have a fuller, rounder body shape (think hourglass shapes) and gain weight easily. They often have a high amount of dangerous, visceral fat on the stomach. Focus on maximizing fat loss with high intensity cardio and a low-carb, high-protein diet.

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