Is it Possible to Restore Breast Volume After Body Changes?

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Your body shape can change a lot within your lifetime—and your breasts are one of areas that can go through the most noticeable transformation. Sagging of the breasts and loss of volume are common insecurities for many people, but there are some ways for you to get back your fullness and projection. Surgical procedures are usually the most effective way of achieving a patient’s desired change. With that in mind, breast enhancement in the Philadelphia area isn’t just for patients who want to dramatically increase their bust size for aesthetic reasons, it’s also an ideal choice for those who are hoping to regain their original breast shape. In this post, we explain some of the most likely reasons behind breast volume loss and explore the best ways of restoring that volume, including breast augmentation.

Pregnancy, hormones, weight fluctuations, sun damage, and aging have a major effect on the appearance of the breasts. Many women go up a cup size or two when pregnant, as there is more fatty tissue, cell growth, and blood flow to the breasts. Your breasts may shrink back to their previous size after pregnancy, but the skin can remain stretched.

The breasts are made up mostly of fat, so when you lose a large amount of body weight all over, you can also end up with flatter breasts, as some of that weight comes off of your chest. As you get older, it’s normal for the body to produce less estrogen, resulting in less gland tissue. Because of collagen loss, your skin may also become less elastic. Smoking and unprotected sun exposure can also contribute to breast sagging, as both activities damage the skin.

Breast augmentation with implants gives breasts that are elongated or have too much space between them a more rounded and full appearance. The procedure can also enhance cleavage. You can choose the breast implant size that is the most natural looking for your body type and fits your lifestyle. Building some chest muscle, wearing a supportive bra, and standing straight will also make your breasts look fuller.

Get to know more about breast augmentation in the Philadelphia area. If you’re interested in restoring the size and shape of your breasts with a cosmetic treatment, our team at Chapin Aesthetics can explain everything you need to know. Give us a call at (267) 880-0810, or send in a contact form to request a consultation.

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