The Open Rhinoplasty Technique

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A rhinoplasty is a surgery used to alter the nose for cosmetic or medical reasons. Medically, the structure of the nose might have to be reshaped to treat problems related to breathing and mucous congestion. Cosmetically, the surgery is used to reshape the nose to improve its appearance.

When undergoing a rhinoplasty, one of the most important decisions that a patient has to make is choosing between an open or closed rhinoplasty. These terms refer to two separate ways of performing the surgery.

While they both provide nose reshaping benefits, an open rhinoplasty at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics can prove to be the more beneficial technique because of its ability to give surgeons a better visual, allowing one to significantly alter the shape of the nose and give patients the ability to achieve results closer to their desired look.

Am I right for the procedure?

Before you decide to undergo an open rhinoplasty, there are a few things you have to take into consideration. Patients have to be in good health to be cleared for surgery. You should also let your surgeon know about any medications you’re taking and be ready to follow any pre-op or post-op instructions given to you.

Patients that have had too many rhinoplasties in the past are advised to not undergo another one as the skin can become atrophic and serious problems can emerge. Patient expectations also play a huge role in determining candidacy and before undergoing the procedure, it is important for you to understand the extent of the results possible.

The Procedure

During an open rhinoplasty your surgeon will make a small incision called the columellar incision. This will allow him to have an unrestricted view of the nasal framework, which is preferred when complex changes need to be made.

Your surgeon will strategically place the incision in a location to make it virtually invisible. After making the incision, he will be able to increase or decrease the size of the nose to better match your facial proportions. Depending on your needs, he may also alter the shape, smooth a bump on the bridge, and even address a deviated septum or other issues that may cause breathing problems.

The procedure will take about an hour to three hours to perform and you will be under general anesthesia for the duration of the surgery. Once completed, your surgeon will close the incisions and apply surgical dressings to the nose.


There are a great deal of benefits for patients who choose to undergo an open rhinoplasty. These benefits include:

• The use of non-destructive techniques on the cartilage
• Better visibility that allows your surgeon to see with greater precision
• The ability to reshape the nasal cartilage with minimal difficulty
• Reduced complications and the need for more surgeries

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If you’re planning on undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure and want to learn more about its benefits, contact us to schedule a consultation. With the help of Dr. Scott Chapin, a board-certified plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to obtain the nose you desire and feel more confident in your appearance.

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