As we grow older, age takes its toll on the neck, revealing vertical bands, wrinkling, or sagging (or a combination of all three!) to varying degrees.  These can become real confidence busters for both men and women.

Neck rejuvenation has become increasingly popular amongst patients who want to slow down or reverse the signs of aging in the neck. Currently, treatment options ranging from the non-invasive Kybella, to minimally invasive Smart Lipo, to surgical solutions like a neck lift at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics, have become the gold standard to eliminate the so-called turkey neck.

Where a double chin or fullness in the upper neck (often the result of submental fat) is an issue, Kybella can be effectively used to treat the problem area. By injecting the localized fat pocket with Kybella, a synthetic liquid that is naturally produced in the body to dissolve fat, it will gradually be broken down and melt away over the course of a few weeks. And if necessary, the treatment can also be repeated to achieve optimal results.

For more dramatic results, Smart Lipo, can be utilized to remove fat, contour the neck, and as an added benefit, the laser technology can help stimulate the production of collagen and tightening of the skin. During the treatment, small incisions are made on the neck where the laser will target fat and break it up.  The dissolved fat is then suctioned out. Heat from the laser is then utilized in the re-draping and tightening of the skin. Minimally invasive treatments such as Smart Lipo require little to no downtime and patients will likely experience mild swelling that typically resolves within a day. Patients should be able to resume their regular activities that day and can expect to see improvements quickly.

For patients with a heavy neck or too much excess skin on the neck, a neck-lift may be the most effective option for reshaping, contouring and tightening the problem areas. Weight fluctuations, aging and sun exposure are all factors that may have contributed to the breakdown of the skin’s elastin tissue and collagen, resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin. This surgical procedure removes excess fat if necessary from the subcutaneous (or fat) layer of the skin, tightens the skin and redefines the neckline. While this may be the costliest option for neck rejuvenation, it delivers the best results to patients dealing with moderate to severe cases of turkey neck. The procedure requires anesthesia and recovery can take between one to two weeks.

It is recommended that patients consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon on what option would be most beneficial for them and also deliver the very best results that align with their aesthetic goals and vision.