A sculpted and well-contoured body is difficult to achieve. Often times, no amount of exercise and dieting can help reduce unwanted fat, but this doesn’t mean that you have to live with a body shape you do not like or want. You can opt for liposuction at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics to remove those last layers of fat and get the body shape that you desire.


Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that can effectively remove fat from the body. It also helps surgeons to sculpt a body into a more refined shape if you pair it with other surgical techniques.

You can use liposuction to reduce fat and sculpt your thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen, waist, back, and hips. It is also effective in trimming and refining inner knees, calves, ankles, chin, and the neck.

It can be performed as a standalone procedure or along with other cosmetic surgeries such as abdominoplasty or facelift to refine their results.

The procedure involves using a small tube (cannula) to suction fat from the treatment area. The use of a cannula requires making tiny incisions. Before removing the fat, it is loosened with the cannula. The method used to remove the fat may vary based on your individual needs and desired results.


Taking time off to recover after a liposuction surgery is necessary to ensure fast healing and great results. The tiny incisions made to perform the surgery heal quickly. Most people can resume their normal routines within two weeks without any worry. The actual recovery time will vary depending on the nature of the surgery and the number of body parts treated.

During this time, you will need to avoid strenuous activities such as running and heavy lifting. You may be required to wear a compression garment to aid your recovery.

Once the surgical swelling subsides, your true results will shine. Your body will look more refined and slim. It’s important to note that this is not a weight loss surgery, but one that will help remove stubborn layers of fat that are difficult to get rid of.

The results of liposuction are also long-lasting. The surgery removes fat cells from the body permanently. These cells will not grow back. So, if you keep your weight stable, you can enjoy the results provided by a liposuction surgery for a very long time. Unless you regain the weight, the sculpted look of your body won’t change other than showing signs of the normal aging process.

Liposuction can help you get a thinner and more appealing body silhouette with one surgery alone.


To understand how a liposuction surgery can help you, you should talk to a skilled plastic surgeon with experience performing the procedure. Contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Scott Chapin. During your appointment, he will help you understand the procedure and the possible areas that you can sculpt with it. You can choose liposuction for more than one treatment area at the same time.

He will also examine your medical history to ascertain if you can safely undergo liposuction. If you smoke, you will need to quit the habit for a few weeks before and after your surgery. If you take anti-inflammatory, blood-thinning, or pain-relieving medications, you will need to stop using them as well before the surgery and during the recovery period. These are standard safety measures necessary to reduce risks for all surgical and cosmetic procedures.