According to ancient Greeks, there was a “golden ratio” or “divine proportion” that dictated their standard of beauty. Though there are several factors outside of aesthetics that contribute to true beauty, scientists have found attraction and overall perception of beauty to be in-born.

Today, we know a beautiful, youthful eye has a rested appearance, smooth skin and a full, lifted brow. Though a blepharoplasty at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics will produce the most dramatic changes, there are many ways to improve these features without surgery. BOTOX® can be used to open the eyes, soften fine lines and lift the brows while peels and lasers can significantly smooth and tighten lower eyelid skin.

One procedure that has grown rapidly in popularity is called sub brow filler. This 15 minute, non-invasive procedure uses Restylane injections to plump the region between the upper eyelid and brow to rejuvenate tired eyes. Eyes will instantly appear more lifted and youthful with results lasting two years or more.