A Mommy Makeover is a highly individualized package of procedures for women who want to address any of a number of signs of pregnancy and childbirth. The exact combination and sequence of body contouring treatments chosen depends on the goals of any given patient—because some women have a lot of excess skin on the belly, while others have a moderate amount, but deal with dramatically drooping breasts.

One of the most requested Mommy Makeover elements is a mommy tuck at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics. Dr. Scott Chapin and Dr. Noah Prince perform this type of tummy tuck (technically called an abdominoplasty) to produce a flatter, more sculpted abdomen. This strategy is ideal for women who want to improve their post-pregnancy baby belly.

Here are five of the major advantages you may find with a mommy tuck:

  1. Tightened Stomach Muscles

In addition to the weight gain from pregnancy, many women find that their abdominal muscles separate to accommodate the growing baby. The connective tissue is overstretched, which is a permanent condition that causes the stomach to soften and protrude. Unfortunately, no amount of weight loss or crunches will fix it. A surgical tummy tuck may be the only way to repair this damaged abdominal wall.

  1. Loss of C-Section Scars

A C-section may leave you with indentations and scar tissue. A tummy tuck smooths the skin and can completely remove any C-section scarring on the tissue to be excised.

  1. Improved Posture

When you’re pregnant, your center of gravity may shift due to carrying extra weight in the stomach area. In addition to this, your alignment may change with breastfeeding and lifting your baby, leading to rounded shoulders and an aching neck. This is what’s known unflatteringly as “mom posture.” By strengthening the core muscles that support your back, a mommy tuck can reduce pain and help you stand up straighter.

  1. Reduced Excess Skin

Once the skin on your stomach has been stretched from pregnancy, it may be impossible for it to return to its normal position. Getting rid of this loose, baggy tissue on your own may be a challenge even if you have a balanced diet and are always at the gym. A mommy tuck trims away the flabby areas and secures the remaining skin in a tighter, flatter position.

  1. Improved Emotional Wellbeing

A tummy tuck can make you feel more attractive, gain a higher sense of satisfaction in life, and boost self-esteem. While plastic surgery is not a guarantee of happiness, a better outlook on life and your own personal appearance can improve mood.

The Chapin Aesthetics team provides mommy tucks and other procedures as part of a Mommy Makeover package to restore your pre-baby appearance at our practice near Philadelphia. Request a private, virtual consultation with our doctors today by calling (267) 880-0810 or submitting info via our contact form.