Chances are good that you’ve all heard about fillers and what they can do to address signs of aging. It’s easy to see why the injectables are so popular, given how accessible they are, their lack of post-treatment downtime, how little discomfort is involved, and the results that appear so quickly. Of course, dermal fillers are useful for reducing the depth of wrinkles to make your skin look smoother and more supple, while some patients also use them to add definition to certain areas of the face, such as the cheekbones. No matter how you use them, the great thing about fillers is that they help you to preserve a youthful appearance, correct asymmetry, and enhance features you’ve always wanted to enhance, such as the lips. With that in mind, one of the things many patients don’t realize about lip fillers from our Philadelphia-area practice is that they not only alter the size and shape of the lips, but can also modify the dimensions of your smile.

If you’re thinking about having lip fillers, don’t forget to look at the big picture. We recommend that patients consider the kind of impact volumizing gel will have on your smile and the overall appearance of your face. When injected thoughtfully and with experience—as the team at Chapin Aesthetics can provide—fillers can make your smile look more photogenic. Since your smile is one of the first things others will notice about you, it’s only natural to want to be sure any treatments improve the mouth area.

Whether you want to enhance your grin or keep it looking the same, here’s what you should know:

Very soon after a dermal filler session to enhance your lips, your overall mouth and entire lower face can look noticeably different. The thing to keep in mind is that fillers are best used in moderation. The Chapin Aesthetics injectors adopt this approach, because too much gel can make the lips become too large and cover your teeth when you’re smiling. It’s best to start off with a small amount of filler and add more if needed.

Always choose an experienced injector who can put together a treatment plan that will benefit your entire face—not just your lips or the specific feature you’re seeking to address.

If you’re ready to start injectable treatments, you can find out more about how lip fillers work from the Chapin Aesthetics team. Call us at (267) 880-0810 or send us a message online to set up a consultation.