Advancements in the aesthetics industry are rapidly progressing.  New devices, products, technologies, and techniques are drastically enhancing patient’s experience in a variety of ways.  We are continuously seeing improvements in patient results, recovery time, and complication rates post procedure.  Today, our patients are savvier than ever when it comes to researching cosmetic procedures and surgeons.  They have become highly educated, and they know what they are seeking.  However, there are some best practices in breast augmentation surgery that have not become mainstream yet in the United States.  The invention of the Keller Funnel™ in 2009 is a perfect example of a new methodology in breast surgery that delivers superior results that is just now gaining popularity among plastic surgeons.  The use of the Keller Funnel™ provides exceptional short- and long-term benefits to breast augmentation patients at the Philadelphia area’s Chapin Aesthetics and beyond. This device allows me to insert an implant in a significantly gentler and efficient way compared to traditional methods. Although studies show that the Keller Funnel™ greatly benefits patient results, I am one of the few plastic surgeons in the country to adopt and implement this advanced technique for breast augmentation procedures. The benefits of employing the Keller Funnel for breast augmentation procedures are:

1.)    Smaller incision site: the Keller Funnel™ is designed to allow the implant to be placed in the breast pocket through a smaller incision site. Therefore, the scar is more easily concealed.

2.)    Reduction of implant damage: traditional methods of implant insertion involve the surgeon pushing the implant into the implant pocket with a gloved hand. This method can create uneven pressure on the implant contents and outer shell. This unequal pressure can cause short and long term damage to the implant and increase the chance of future complications. However, utilizing the Keller Funnel to insert the breast implant ensures uniform pressure on the implant during insertion, resulting in less damage to the device. This progressive approach reduces the chance of future implant rupture and capsular contracture following surgery.

3.)    Decreased implant exposure: the Keller Funnel™ allows the surgeon to place the implant directly into the breast pocket without the implant coming in contact with the skin, which is a potential contaminate. This no-touch technique reduces implant exposure time and decreases the probability of complications associated with the breast augmentation procedure.  A recent study found that the use of the Keller funnel actually decreases the rate of capsular contracture following the procedure.

Extensive research indicates that utilizing the Keller Funnel™ preserves the quality of the implant, decreases the rate of breast augmentation complications.  If you are considering breast augmentation surgery be sure to add Keller Funnel™ to your list of questions to ask at your consultations.

The video below shows how I use the Keller Funnel to deliver the breast implant into the breast pocket.