Charity Work

Dr. Scott Chapin’s Charity Work

Aside from having a successful practice, Dr. Scott Chapin also contributes to the community by doing charity work in Philadelphia through various organizations.

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I just have to say that Dr. Chapin and his staff are the absolute best!! Super nice and friendly, easy to get along with and make you feel so comfortable. When i first walked into my consultation I was mortified at myself with an all time low self esteem and didn’t know what to expect. Being in the room with them for all of 5 minutes and i was laughing and felt super comfortable. After 16 years of battling weight drastically up and down and having 3 huge babies it did a number on my body. Dr. Chapin picked up on my insecurities and knew exactly what I wanted and how to execute it. I can’t say enough about how much him and his staff have helped me since my surgeries and boost my overall self esteem and confidence in myself and my body. The results speak for themselves!!! I HIGHLY recommend if you are feeling the same way i did to please take a chance on yourself and Dr. Chapin. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you Dr. Chapin and staff for everything you have done and even said in this journey. I could not be more pleased with my results. I’m only 8 weeks out and I feel like my old young pre-kids self again.