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As we age skin can lose its elasticity causing your breasts to sag and lose their shape over time.  Pregnancy, weight loss or genetics can also affect the shape of your breasts.  This can make your body appear older than you actually feel, even for those who are dedicated to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

A breast lift, known medically as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that aesthetically modifies your breasts by reshaping the breast tissue.  Breast lift surgery can make your breasts feel firmer and look younger.  In a breast lift, excess skin and breast tissue are removed, the nipple is repositioned, and the breast tissues are recontoured into a more youthful shape.  A breast lift can also be used to reduce the size of the dark skin around the nipple, known as the areola.  Breast lift procedures are commonly combined with breast augmentation to increase fullness and achieve an optimal breast shape.

Breast Lifts Can:

  • Restore your breast shape and position
  • Rectify uneven or downward-pointing nipples and overly-large areolas
  • Reduce your discomfort correlated with sagging breasts
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

Meet Dr. Scott Chapin

Dr. Scott D. Chapin blends medical science, artistry, and humanity in every procedure he performs. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he specializes in aesthetic surgery, with a particular focus on breast surgery. His national reputation and commitment to excellence make him a top choice for Doylestown and beyond.

  • Dr. Chapin has been inducted into the RealSelf Hall of Fame

Our Customized Approach
To best address the problem of breasts that have lost volume and have begun to sag, Dr. Chapin offers his patients the option of breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation.  This procedure is also known as augmentation mastopexy or breast lift with breast implants.  The breast tissue is lifted and tightened as in a traditional breast lift, but then an implant is inserted in order to restore volume and fullness to the breasts.  Often, this combination procedure can achieve more youthful and natural-looking results than breast lift surgery alone.  During your consultation with Dr. Chapin you can review photos of breast lift surgery with and without implants and discuss your overall goals and concerns to help achieve your desired look. 

Day of Your Procedure
Your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia at a Bucks County or Montgomery County AAAA Certified Facility.  On the day of your procedure, Dr. Chapin and his highly trained team will meet with you to review all details and answer any questions before surgery.  Generally, breast lift surgery takes about an hour and a half to perform.  You will receive exceptional and comprehensive care following your procedure to ensure your comfort.

Breast Lift Recovery
You may experience the feeling of pressure or discomfort for one to three days after your procedure and although you will be mobile, it may be difficult to lift your arms.  Generally, people can return to a sedentary job five to seven days after surgery.  Light workouts can be initiated two weeks after surgery and high impact exercise three to four weeks after surgery.  Dr. Chapin will provide complete preoperative and postoperative care instructions.  He will monitor and advise when patients can gradually resume their daily activities including exercise. 

Contact Our Office
Dr. Chapin serves patients from Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties.  To learn more about breast lift surgery or to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation, contact our office today.

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