The human body continually renews itself through the sloughing off of older tissues and the regeneration of new ones. This is known as the monthly skin cell turnover process. Unfortunately, the process slows down over time due to chemical changes that are associated with aging, including a reduction in collagen production. Collagen is one of the most important proteins your skin needs to maintain a supple, healthy appearance. Once we reach the age of 20, our skin produces roughly one percent less of this protein each year. Not only does that lead to less collagen overall, but the body is less effective at repairing our existing collagen and elastin. This leads to looser, more wrinkled skin. Facial fillers from our Philadelphia-area team can help to make your skin look youthful again. It is important to remember that injectables work best when paired with a great skincare routine.

The secret to getting your skin back to its fuller, firmer state is replenishing collagen. What’s the best way to get more collagen? There is not enough evidence to prove that taking collagen supplements will help you maintain wrinkle-free skin. Using skincare creams that contain collagen is not particularly helpful, either. It is possible, however, to take steps to preserve your body’s natural collagen—and even stimulate the production of more of it.


Retinoids are considered to be a powerful, scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient. These derivatives of vitamin A improve the function of the genes that are involved in creating new collagen. Using retinoids continually for an extended length of time can help smooth facial wrinkles.


Our body doesn’t make its own vitamin C. Therefore, we need to get it from other sources. Plenty of protective skincare products also contain this vitamin. It’s an antioxidant that provides additional sun protection by shielding the collagen in our skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Additionally, it promotes collagen production and stabilizes the proteins within the skin.


Peptides are amino acids that immensely benefit the health of your skin. They enhance the natural skin barrier and reduce inflammation. They also trigger your skin to make more collagen and elastin.

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